Entertaining with CrepeMaker

CrêpeMaker catering question of the week:
I am planning a pink-theme party for my daughter 4th birthday and would like to have the CrêpeMaker cater the party; but your red station does not fit with my theme. Do you have any suggestions?
Yes we do! Our white station would be perfect for your occasion. This picture was taken at a baby shower catered by our California catering division. As you can see, the white station fits right in. We do recommend that you send your reservation early because we have a limited amount of white stations. CrêpeMaker’s white stations are perfect for weddings, baptisms, wedding and baby showers, formal affairs and pastel-theme parties.Please visit www.crepemaker.com/catering to request information for your upcoming event.

Crêpe Catering FAQs
Do I need to let you know my menu selections?
The chef will come prepared to make any of the crêpes on the menu so you do not have to make a selection. Your guests can choose their favorite crêpes or, since our crêpes are made to order, they can customize their own crêpes.
What do I need to provide for the chef and my guests?
We provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the crêpes including disposable plates and napkins, we do not provide forks, knives and spoons because our crêpes are hand held. Each crêpe station requires an 8’x 8’ area and access to an electrical outlet for French style music and lighting of the crêpe station. The CrêpeMaker chefs can set up in any location, inside or outside, on land or water.
How many CrêpeMaker chefs and/or stations do I need to hire for my event?
The number of chefs at your event depends on your guest count, hours of service, menu, and type of party. We recommend as follow:
• 35 guests and under: one station with one chef serving for two hours
• 40 to 60 guests: one station with one chef and one assistant serving for two hours
• 70 to 100 guests: two stations with one chef each
• 100 guests and up: contact us
Can the chef serve more than 2 hours?
Yes he can, when you let us know in advance. If you decide to keep the chef longer the day of the event, he may or may not be able to do it depending on our schedule for the day. Additional time will be charged at a rate of $25 per half hour.
What happen once I send my reservation form?
• Once we receive your reservation, we’ll send you an email to confirm the date and time of your event.
• Your total plus tax will be charged a week in advance of your event. Gratuity, additional crêpes, overtime, and any added charges will be due upon the conclusion of the event.
• We’ll call you the week of the party to confirm the address, serving time, number of guests, menu and special needs such as food allergies and instructions “break room is on the 3rd floor”.CrêpeMaker Catering brings the café to you. Since 1992, CrêpeMaker has set up its crêpe stations at hundreds of events. We are at home in small, intimate setting or large, high-volume venues.
CrêpeMaker offers crêpe catering in:
• South Florida from Palm Beach to Key West: 305-233-1113, x2
• Orange County, California: 949-335-2078
• Tennessee: 901-568-9904
• and Puerto Rico: 787-522-2398Email our catering department, catering@crepemaker.com with your specific question.

Holiday entertaining makes this the best time of the year. The season may be hectic, there’s always too much to do. But gathering family and friends is part of the celebration.As the party planner for your office and/or family, you understand that the secret to a successful event is to know how to plan it and choose the right vendors! You are faced with many challenges; choosing the right location, designing the proper menu, finding decorations to match your theme, preparing the invitations and locating the right entertainment are just a few of the details in the planning process.Food, of course, is vital for a great event and you want to make a great impression. We have the experience to make it easy for you. Since 1993 CrêpeMaker is the crêpe company serving South Florida from the Keys to the Palm Beaches. Fresh, hand-held crêpes are made right before the guests’ eyes by chefs dressed in a distinctive and stylish uniform, make crêpe stations are a popular option. This setting allows guest interaction for a group of people that may or may not be familiar with each other; this is a great way to mingle and to entertain them. The food is fresh, healthy, trendy and attractive to people of all ages. Kids L♥VE us!CrêpeMaker offers crêpe catering in:• South Florida from Palm Beach to Key West: 305-233-1113, x2• Orange County, California: 949-335-2078• Tennessee: 901-568-9904• and Puerto Rico: 787-522-2398Email our catering department, catering@crepemaker.com with your specific question.