As the party planner for your family or office, you understand that the secret to a successful event is to know how to plan it and choose the right vendors.

Food, of course, is vital for a great event and you want to make a great impression. We have the experience to make it easy for you.

Established in 1992, CrêpeMaker is Miami’s original crêpe caterer. We serve at homes and offices, in small, intimate setting or large, high-volume venues.

Fresh, hand-held crêpes are made right before your guests’ eyes by chefs dressed in a distinctive and stylish uniform. This makes our crêpe stations a popular option for both private and corporate events.

This setting allows guest interaction for a group of people that may or may not be familiar with each other; this is a great way to mingle and to entertain them. The food is fresh, healthy, trendy and attractive to people of all ages. Kids L❤️VE us!

CrêpeMaker offers crêpe catering services in:

South Florida from Palm Beach to Key West: 305-233-1113, x2

Remember, CrêpeMaker will go ANYWHERE at ANYTIME for your event!


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