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Thank You for considering CrepeMaker to cater your event. We pride ourselves in creating a fun and professional event for you and your guests. We want you to be a guest at you own party. Our professional chef will arrive at your home or office or anywhere you like 1 hour before you would like to be served. We set up a crepe station that has the capacity to make up to 180 crepes. No matter what the size of the crepe package you pick. This is so we have extra food in case your crepe count goes above your chosen package.


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“We need an area only 6 feet by 6 feet and 8 feet high for the crepe catering station. We can set up inside or outside “anywhere, anytime.” Our units are self-contained so we only need one electrical outlet for lighting. We have 25 crepes on our menus but can make any combination your guests would like to have. We are great for kids parties as well because we create the crepes right in front or your eyes and can put any ingredients you or your guests would like together.