Founder Christopher Hoffman’s First Catering Party

The original CrêpeMaker® was established in 1992, an idea inspired by French crêpes sold from Parisian street carts. Instead of those simple crêpes filled with sugar, CrêpeMaker® owners Christopher Hoffman and Maria Suñe imagined a non-traditional crêpe filled with fresh, healthy food combination, made right in front of customers, that would satisfy the heartiest of appetites and the sweetest tooth. Using their life savings of $10,000, they began by selling crêpes on the streets of downtown Miami and by popular demand started to cater to individuals and businesses. Subsequently they opened up a cozy café in Pinecrest, Florida.

The crêpe trend quickly took hold of Miami, and Chris and Maria’s dream became a reality. From there they developed brand recognition, style, look and operations into the mold that launched a nationwide craving for crêpes. CrêpeMaker® is now the largest crêpe concept in the United States.

The CrêpeMaker® family has expanded from Puerto Rico to California and expected to have over 25 locations in operation by end of 2010. Beyond serving the best crêpes in town, CrêpeMaker® contributes to many charity events including, but not limited to: the Diabetes Research Institute, YMCA, March of Dimes, New World School of Arts, and the American Cancer Society. As part of its cultural enrichment program, CrêpeMaker® also partners with schools in order to expose kids to a new cultural and fun product.

Our involvement includes participating in Career days, Teacher Appreciation events, Carnivals and after school fundraisers as well. As a result of our relationships with local schools, CrêpeMaker® has developed a very young customer base, as young as 4 years old; some of our cafés are reporting that 60% of their sales come from kids bringing their parents in to taste crêpes for the first time! Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy and delicious food that can be enjoyed by the whole family and to be a good corporate citizen; since our restaurants have been supported by the communities we serve, it is important to us that we, in turn, support those communities.