Introducing CrêpeMaker Sunday Brunch Catering

Over the years we had many requests for brunch. We usually recommended that our customers choose the Entrée & Dessert menu and ask to add eggs. It was OK but …

During the holidays we decided to surprise some of our customers with a brunch menu to include our breakfast, entrée and dessert crêpes. We first offered it at a corporate holiday breakfast and it was a hit!

So we kept on testing our idea and received such a good feedback from both our private and corporate clients that we decided to offer our Sunday Brunch menu as an option for our morning events.

Sunday Brunch Catering with CrepeMaker

The CrêpeMaker Sunday Brunch Includes:

A menu featuring over 30 crêpes all made to order

Your guests can select one of our tasty creations or create their own from a selection of fresh, quality ingredients. Check our catering menu.

Real eggs

Not that pre-scrambled egg-out-of-a-box… real eggs. Your chef is required to perfect his/her egg-in-a-crêpe technique at CrêpeU.


Yes, you read right … bacon! because,

It’s a proven fact that all plans involving bacon have a 90 percent better chance of working out.” 
Jeff Gunhus

And we want our brunch idea to work out!

A surprise “crêpe of the day”

It could be the famous Crêpe Suzette or the “S’more of That” Crêpe.  We heard thru the crêpevine, that chefs are working on an Egg Ranchero Crêpe.  And, almost forgot, the French Toast Crêpe (it’s as good as it sounds.) So, don’t forget to ask your chef about the special.

CrepeMaker Brunch Catering

How do you reserve a CrêpeMaker Sunday Brunch Catering?

Call us at 305-233-1113, ext 2 or email for more information. The brunch menu is offered only with our 70, 100 and 120-crêpe packages.

Because the brunch menu is more extensive that our regular menus; we request that you add an assistant chef when you choose the 70 or 100-crêpe packages. The 120-crêpe package already includes an assistant.

Choose the CrêpeMaker Brunch as the perfect catering option for a corporate breakfast, post-wedding brunch, baby shower, baptism, first communion and any other morning event. Best of all, it does not have to be on Sunday’s. 

Don’t forget to add a self-serve coffee station and /or a drink station to your reservation.

We look forward to working with you to make your Sunday Brunch a success!