Frequently Asked Catering Questions


Do I need to let you know my menu selection?

The chef will come prepared to make any of the crêpes on the menu so you do not have to make a selection. Your guests can choose their favorite crêpes or, since our crêpes are made to order, they can customize their own crêpes.


What do I need to provide for the chef and my guests?

We provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the crêpes including disposable plates and napkins.  We do not provide forks, knives and spoons because our crêpes are hand held.

Each crêpe station requires an 8’x 8’ area and access to an electrical outlet for French style music and lighting of the crêpe station. Additional space may be needed for dink and/or coffee stations if it is part of your order.

The CrêpeMaker chefs can set up in any location, inside or outside, on land or water. Stations using gas griddles MUST be set up outdoors. For indoor set up, we’ll use electric griddles.  Please confirm with our catering director whether your chef will be setting up inside or outside prior to your event.


What’s the best crêpe package for my size party?

We now offer different packages depending on your guest count, hours of service, menu, and type of party.

If you choose the Entrée & Dessert option, we usually average 2 to 3 crêpes per guest. We recommend as follow:

15 guests and under – 30-crepe package includes one hour of serving time from one chef.

25 guests and under – 50-crepe package includes 1 1/2 hours of serving time from one chef.

35 guests and under – 70-crepe package includes one chef serving for two hours.

40 to 60 guests – 120-crepe package includes one chef and one assistant serving for two ½ hours.

70 to 100 guests – two stations @ 70 or 100 crêpes with one chef each.

100 guests and up – contact us at

All packages include an hour for set up and an hour for break down

How does the chef know how many crêpes were consumed?

Our hand-held crêpes are served in paper cones. So let’s say that you ordered the 70-crêpe package; before the party starts, the chef will count 70 cones and when there are no more cones left, he/she will know that 70 crepes were consumed.


Do you offer gluten free options?

Gluten free batter is available upon request for catered events at no extra fee. BUT – not all of our crêpe fillings are gluten free, so please ask if you have a question about a particular item or ingredient. We urge you to disclose any food allergies and/dietary restrictions in advance.


What happen if I need more than the original amount that I ordered?

The chef will come to your party prepared to serve up to 180 crêpes per station when you order 70 crêpes or more.

50-crêpe package -The chef will come prepared to serve up to 100 crêpes per station.

30-crêpe package – The chef will come prepared to serve up to 70 crêpes per station.


Can the chef serve more than the serving time indicated in the package?

Yes he can, when you let us know in advance. If you decide to keep the chef longer the day of the event, he may or may not be able to do it depending on our schedule for the day. Additional time will be charged at a rate of $35.00 per half hour.

Overtime rate higher on the following dates: Thanksgiving Day, 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 AND 01/01.


Can you set up inside a building?

For indoor set-up we’ll bring our electrical crêpe griddles. We’ll require access to 2 separate electrical outlets per station. We bring extension cords.


Do I really need to have the umbrella if the setup is inside?

Our market umbrella not only looks nice but also has practical uses.

When we set up outside, the umbrella protects the chef and the food from nature (sun, rain, fallen leaves, etc.)

The crêpes are made on premise and the meat is sautéed on the griddle this produces some vapor. When we set up inside, the umbrella protects your ceiling.


Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance for office buildings, condos, hotels and/or other venues?

Yes we can. Let us know at least one week in advance so that we can request it from our insurance agent. You also need to give us with the name and address of the additional insured.


What happen once I send my reservation form?

Once we receive your reservation, we’ll send you an email to confirm the date and time of your event.

Your total plus taxes and gratuity will be charged 14 business days in advance of your event. Additional crêpes, overtime, and any added charges will be due upon the conclusion of the event.

We’ll call you the week of the party to confirm the address, serving time, number of guests, menu and special needs such as food allergies and instructions such as: “break room is on the 3rd floor”.


Can I try your crêpes before my event?

You may sample our crêpes at our cafés as well as at fundraisers and festivals that we participate in. Learn more about our Cafe Locations. For festivals and fundraisers schedule, follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


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