Have a Fundraiser with Us & Keep Up To 20 % of the Proceeds

At CrêpeMaker we do more than spin crêpes. We take great pride in giving back to the community that supports us and would love to help you raise money for your school or non-profit organization.

Since 1992, our catering division has helped raise thousands to support local schools, groups and non-profit organizations.

We can help you make your fundraiser a success, with fresh and healthy menu items. Best of all, you keep 10 to 20% of all food and beverage sales generated from your event. That’s what we call putting a spin on fundraising!


How It Works

We can hold weekday fundraisers at your school or venue at any time.

The chef will be scheduled for no more than 3 hours.

Weekend fundraisers are held at our discretion. No fundraisers on Saturdays during the months of May and December.

Once a minimum of $500 sales is met, you keep 10 to 20% of the proceeds. All money is due to CrêpeMaker the day of the event.


What We Need From You and Your Group

Planning and organization, the success of any fundraiser depends on your ability to promote the event.

Your organization must guarantee CrêpeMaker a minimum of $500 in sales. A credit card will be requested to reserve your fundraiser. 

You collect the money. The CrêpeMaker chef can make more crêpes if he/she does not have to handle cash. This prevents cash discrepancy and ensures that all sales make it to fundraiser Committee.

Have pre-sales and distribute tickets for easier management.

Use two different colored tickets:

  • Red for Entrée and
  • Blue for Dessert Crêpes.


Reserving Your Event

CrêpeMaker receives dozens of requests for fundraisers each year. Plan and ask early! Requests must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the event date in order to be considered.

If you have questions, please call our catering division at 305-233-1113, ext 2.

We look forward to working with you to make your fundraiser a success!

You may check out a sample application form below

To get a form to fill out call 305-726- 5203 or reach out to our email at catering@crepemaker.com