Bonjour Partner!

As an event planner or venue, you understand that food, of course, is vital for a great event and you want to make a great impression. We have the experience to make it easy for you and our customers.

CrêpeMaker works with many event planners serving at homes, offices etc., in small intimate settings or large high-volume venues.

By listing them on our homepage, customers can find the assistance they need to organize their part with someone who already knows how we work. Listing partners are offered for event planners who book at least 3 catering a year and venues that have us listed as preferred vendors. Fresh, hand-held crepes are made right before guests’ eyes by chefs dressed in distinctive and stylish uniforms. This makes our crepe stations a popular option for both private and corporate events.

This setting allows guest interaction for a group of people who may or may not be familiar with each other; this is a great way to mingle and entertain them. The food is fresh, healthy, trendy, and attractive to people of all ages. Kids L♥VE us!

Partner with CrêpeMaker:

Fill out the information needed to put on our site with the invoice number for at least 3 parties that you booked with us this year.